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GameAgents re-sign trio, add Zero & pbD

POSTED BY Admin February 19, 2018

We are happy to welcome new additions to our CS:GO team and to announce contracts renewal with core of GameAgents.

GameAgents has renewed contracts with the three players, gabesson, koloRRR and fleav who were core of the team since September 2017.
Alongside that, two new players have been signed to help out the team to reach their goals.
New additions are Patrik “Zero” Zudel and Anders “pbD” Aidemark who will be on trial until end of the march.

Team recently managed to qualify for the V4 Future Sports Festival in Budapest ,with 600 000$ in prizepool, which will be a first real test for our new roster.

GameAgents CS:GO Team consists of:
 Gabor “gabesson” Malovics
 Fodor “fleav” Levente
 Adam “koloRRR” Domoszlay
 Patrik “Zero” Zudel
 Anders “pbD” Aidemark (trial)

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