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We are the Victory LAN Party champions!

POSTED BY Bence Kalyo December 8, 2019

After a poor start of going 2-2-2 in the group matches, we were just about able to qualify for the LAN tournament, which took place in December. Because of our results, everyone underestimated us but we managed to show that we’re more than capable of winning!

When we arrived to the LAN we’ve destroyed all of our opponents, including The Last Resort, London Esports & Sector One.

Our last match in the grand final was against Sector One, who we managed to beat 2-1 with an outstanding performance in the last map.

As a result, we took home 10,000 Euros of prize winnings. Here at the management team we’re very proud of what the team managed to accomplish, that many thought wouldn’t happen.

We would also like to thank our fans who supported and believed us all the way through.

If you want to see the picture taken on the LAN, make sure to follow us on Instagram!

More info about the tournament here:

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