• flash

    Viktor Bea

  • Currently team GameAgents
  • Player age 21
  • Country Hungary
  • Ingame Role Ingame Leader

Quick Bio

Flash is the in-game leader of the team. He brings a lot of experience to the squad and will lead the team with his analytical approach to the game. We have a lot of faith in him and he will without a doubt be a great leader.

More details

  • 7497

    Total kills achieved so far
  • 41.6%

    Headshots made in games
  • 7790

    Total deaths by the player
  • 1.14

    Player Rating skill level
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  • Mouse Zowie FK2
  • Headset Sennheiser gamezero
  • CPU Intel i7 6700
  • Mouse Pad Steelseries qck heavy
  • Keyboard Zowie celeritas II
  • Graphics Card GTX 960