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Game Agents have announced their first step into team ownership with the signing of the squad known as Revolte.

After hosting a series of online tournaments over the last 12 months, Game Agents has made its first foray into team ownership with the acquisition of Revolte, who made headlines in November when they won the ESL South East Europe Championship.

The move will provide the Hungarian team with an improved financial muscle, but they will still need to cope with the loss ofPatrik “Zero” Žúdel, who stepped down from the roster after receiving an irrefutable offer from a different team.

gabesson’s team sign for Game Agents

Replacing the Slovakian player will be Arnold “NEY” Kiss, who had been on the lookout for a new team to represent since being released by Orgless, now known as, back in November.

“We are really happy to represent GameAgents,” said team member Gábor “gabesson” Málovics. “I have known the GA guys for a while and we had a fun time together during their leagues. Their belief and support give us a big motivation, and I hope this will take our game to the next level. It would be great for both of us.

“If you know us maybe you noticed Zero is out of the lineup. It was his decision, he got an offer which was hard to refuse. He is a huge talent and also a great friend and we are going to miss him for sure.

“Our new fifth member is NEY, the former CSGO.ONE player. We had this very same lineup before, during summer, and it had a lot of potential.”

Game Agents’ team all-Hungarian team consist of:

Gábor “gabesson” Málovics
 Alexander “rmL” Kancsev
 Dániel “FoDa” Fodor
 Kevin “Barcode” Bana
 Arnold “NEY” Kiss

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