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After a long negotiations with a couple of CS:GO teams, we have finally found the best fit with a Norwegian squad. We both share the same ideas, philosophy and we have the same long-term goals and that was the key factor for picking up this squad.

We know how long and hard road to top can be. We are full of patience, and we are going to provide every possible support and solution needed in order to reach that goal.

Aleksandar Gligoric – CEO & Founder
“I have been in talks with Becker for some time already, mostly regarding some other projects. Since that other projects were on hold, I’ve started researching for orgless teams and had some negotiations with potential players. In the meantime, becker and mystic came up with the new lineup, and I figured out that it would be good to talk with them, since I know them for a while already, and I am aware of their potential. It took not much time until we made mutual agreements, so I am happy that we can finally announce it. I would also like to add that this is a long-term project, and we don’t promise nor expect some big results at the beginning. We will go step-by-step and work hard in order to reach our goals.”

Henrik “becker” Becker
“So since we started playing With this lineup we have been looking for a home and a place to grow and get better. We think GameAgents is that place for us and we are thrilled to start this journey together.”

Game Agents’ team consist of:
Henrik “becker” Becker
Kristoffer ‘Mystic’ Michelsen
Michael ‘m1kkis’ Sokki
Jon ‘ztk’ Erik Øygarden
Kristian ‘KORN’ Hokland

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